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Winter Veggie Patch

Hello Lovelies,

People have been asking me what I have edible growing in my garden? Well things are starting to take off.  This morning I ate some baby pea pods which will turn into fat, juicy little fellas over the next two months. The Pak Choy is going off,  need to buy some fish to steam with it.  My potatoes are going great guns, someone once said you put potatoes in you’ll have them forever and that’s what I have, they seem to multiple under the sandy loam I’m cultivating and move around to where I least want them and then sprout.  I have some rainbow chard, more for the colour then to eat but, we eat it too, in quiches. The broad beans are jumping out of the ground.  I need a good broad bean recipe or maybe I will just eat them fresh. I have also put some broccoli in that Miss 7 grew from seed in a “glass house” made from a bird cage covered in plastic.  The leeks I have used as a border this year, making sure to keep the weeds away and the earth mounded up so that I have more white edible stems then when I first grew leeks and forgot all about it!  Then I only had about two centimeters of edible leek. I have also planted five blueberry bushes and am hoping for a good crop because it is Miss 7’s favourite fruit.  Now call me crazy but I’ve planted an autumn fruiting raspberry that (surprise, surprise) is called Autum Joy. I hope I don’t regret it, I’ve been warned by a friend, “It is a bramble, you know”.  But wait!  There’s more.  I have several different types of strawberries that needs a bit of attention and some rhubarb that needs dividing, one plant will become three. In amongst everything are some rambling nasturiums whose flowers I will use in salads.  So pretty for a relatively small patch.  I had to clean out my worm farm cause the critters were eating so much and multiplying so fast, that I have spread the castings on the veggie patch.  I also use cane straw as a mulch.  As you can see the garden is located just inside the gate because I wanted people to see that a veggie patch at the front of the house can be a pretty thing besides, it is the part of the garden that receives the most sun.

Happy Gardening!

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